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“For me illustration is telling a story or sharing information, by any medium possible. My goal is to wonder, to question and fantasize about the ‘What if?’.”

Jeanine is a visual artist based in Rotterdam. She graduated Graphic Design (Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam) and Illustration (Willem de Kooning Academy) and is currently focusing of crafts, art in public space and mechanical installations.

“For the future of technology, Jeanine Verloop looks at techniques from the past, noting that we have become too dependent on usability and efficiency and are therefore alienated from our ability to dream. Her printing device Reawaken combines analog and digital technology and connect us again with the lost beauty and magic of our technical means. “
- Manifestations 2018, Will the Future Design Us?

06.02.2019 – 10.02.2019 TEC ART. Rotterdam.

17.11.2018 – 28.10.2018 Highlight. Delft.

20.10.2018 – 28.10.2018 Manifestions @ Dutch Design Week Eindhoven. Nominated for the Young Talent Award.

26.9.2018 – 30.09.2018 FUTURE FAST FORWARD @ Art The Hague curated by Kers Gallery. Group Exhibition with David Bade, Koen van Mechelen, Stefan Yordanov, Paul Segers, Pieter W Postma, Marina Visic, Ole Nieling.

06.09.2018 – 09.09.2018 YoungBlood exposition. GOGBOT festival 2018 Enschede. Nominated for YOUNGBLOOD Award 

04.07.2018 – 08.07.2018 Gruaduation Show Willem de Kooning Academy. Project nominated for Bachelor Research & Hybrid Publishing Award 2018 & Drempelprijs 2018

19.12.17  How to be Human. WORM S/ash Gallery and WORM Rotterdam

20.01.2016 Untiteld.jpg. WORM S/ash Gallery.

30.08.2016 Collaborative exposition. DOOR Dordrecht

2015 Collaborative exhibition. Migration. TENT Rotterdam

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