Illustration for the Artcadia Award. 

Artcadia is one of the largest art & technology competition for secondary school students. The students are challenged to imagine the city of the future. The winners get among other things an illustration.

“The city, as you knew it at the start of the 21st century, no longer exists. How do we live together? What does our transport look like? How do we deal with space, water and our environment? There are new challenges in the future city of Artcadia, and you come up with the solutions!”

In this illustration I want to stress the importance of our connection to nature. Nature is often used to clarify abstract concepts. The way we talk about computer technology is in biological terms. We ‘surf’ on the ‘web’, we protect ourselves against ‘bugs’ and ‘viruses’. And our data is in the ‘cloud’.

What is the impact when we become alienated from nature? Will we at some point forget what simple expressions like “birds and the bees” mean? Which metaphors will we use in the future to get a grip on abstract concepts.